Gov. Quinn does his homework

August 25, 2011 7:05 am

Unlike other elected officials that rush into legalizing casino gambling without much thought, Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn seems to be taking the time to hear from all sides. 

Gov. Quinn met with critics of gambling and seemed fully engaged on the all negative effects of gambling. That’s a refreshing approach compared with other elected officials who just see the dollar signs from the casino tax revenue. By comparison, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanual can’t wait to get his hands on the casino loot. Check out the recent dust-up between Quinn and Emanual here.

In his heart, Quinn seems opposed to allowing more gambling in Illinois. But he is also reportedly searching for a compromise that will allow some gambling while mitigating the problems. Quinn should understand that any compromise is like trying to be a little bit pregnant.

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One thought on “Gov. Quinn does his homework

  1. I’m an IL resident (and Institute employee) and listened to this on Chicago public radio and thought the same thing (Gov Quinn is trying to be a little bit pregnant).

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