The casino crime blotter

August 29, 2011 7:35 am

Studies show that wherever casinos locate crime goes up. Most incidents don’t make the newspapers, but the steady string of crimes serve as a regular reminder of the downsides to gambling that often get overlooked or ignored by government officials.

Here’s a recap of some the incidents from around the country in just the past week: Several Hells Angels gang members are suspects in an attack of rival gang members at a casino Northern California.

A 75-year-old Buffalo man robbed a bank in upstate New York and then went to a Indian tribe casino to gamble. The story mentions that such criminal incidents are growing in the area as the number of problem gamblers has increased since the casino opened.

A Colorado man was sentenced to at least three in prison for robbing a craps table at the Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas. He faces a separate sentencing for robbing another casino several days before the Bellagio heist. The man, known as the “Biker Bandit,” is the son of a judge but obviously is not very bright as this account in The Los Angeles Times details.

Two casino workers were among a group of five charged with robbing an armored car outside the casino and race track in Miami. One of the armored car guards was killed during the robbery.

Just another wild and deadly week inside the ever-glamorous casinos. Taxpayers will be stuck with the costs to pay for the law enforcement, court fees, and jail time used to handle these incidents and others.


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