Casinos fleecing Latinos

August 30, 2011 9:01 am

Casinos have long targeted Asian gamblers and other niche demographics like country music fans. But now a casino in western Nevada is catering to Latino gamblers in Southern California, The New York Times reports today.

The Primm Valley Casino Resorts offers blackjack games with bilingual dealers and prints the rules for table games in Spanish.The casino lures customers who traditionally don’t gamble by offering popular Spanish-speaking musicians to perform in its arena.

The story makes clear what the goal is: teach Spanish-speaking gamblers who enjoy penny slots how to “put down at least $5 a hand at a card table.” It retail parlance this is called up-selling. To better help separate Latino gamblers from their pesos, cocktail waitresses roam the casino floor offering shots of top-shelf tequila.

As more casinos open and competition heats up, operators are going after target markets. The extra effort will help create new customers who never gambled before, which, in turn, will result in more problem gamblers. That will lead to more crime, divorce and bankruptcy in the Latino community where many are already struggling to make ends meet. Some business model.

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One thought on “Casinos fleecing Latinos

  1. Interesting to me how the reporter relied on a professor who has studied gambling addiction among Latinos to get insight into Latino gambling patterns (or relative lack thereof, at least until now). Just seemed illuminating that in a pretty upbeat article that basically has the tone of “Latinos are finally being recognized as a legitimate demographic by this particular industry” that the addictive potential still uncomfortably rears its head.

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