Cuomo’s secrecy campaign

June 11, 2013 8:23 am

So much for Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s promise to run the most transparent administration in state history.

Cuomo’s paranoia has gone so far his administration refuses to release a video his aides put together for an annual press dinner that pokes fun at his reputation for secrecy. The New York Times was forced to file a Freedom of Information request for the video. More than a year has passed and the administration has yet to release the video. Turns out that when it comes to secrecy, the Nixon and Obama administrations have nothing on Cuomo.

That doesn’t bode too well for getting the Cuomo administration to operate in the sunshine when it comes to any meaningful policy discussion such as his push to change the state Constitution to legalize commercial casinos. Much of that debate has taken place in secret among powerful lawmakers, lobbyists and casino operators.

If Cuomo can’t release an innocuous video that has already been shown to the media, then there is no reason to expect the governor to conduct any of the public’s business in public.

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One thought on “Cuomo’s secrecy campaign

  1. Ironically, the Gov’s reprehensible pact with the Oneida Nation of Indians is quite transparent. You can see right through to the sellout of traditional Oneidas and of the citizenry of Oneida and Madison Counties. I hope Neil Murray’s letter strikes home with the AG and that the legislature recognizes bad government. No matter what is one’s position on the proposed casino amendment, each of us should see this pact as blatant influence-peddling using public and private resources that are not the Gov’s to control. A very bad scene.

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