A no vote for Maryland casinos

October 4, 2012 11:49 am

Baltimore Sun columnist Dan Rodricks makes a good case why voters should reject the referendum that would allow a sixth casino in Maryland and table games at the existing casinos.

Rodricks writes: “Politics is a messy business, but the politics behind the casino referendum should be declared a Superfund site.”

Curt Anderson, leader of Baltimore delegates to the General Assembly, found the process sleazy. “It really makes you feel kind of unclean,” he said in the summer as the governor and legislative leaders maneuvered to get the measure on the ballot.

Rodricks added: “The way this matter became a question on the November ballot — a cynical Senate president manipulating the legislature and governor into a summer session, $5 million spent by lobbyists, backroom deals that muzzled opposition and got the governor the votes he needed, tax breaks for casino companies — represents all that’s wrong with American politics.

“What we have here is an almost total co-opting of representative government, where no issue wins on merits or common sense, and big money rules.”

Well said, Dan.