No smoking at new AC casino

March 19, 2012 9:27 am

Casinos are a bad insidious business, but at least the Revel casino in Atlantic City plans to do one thing right. The casino is prohibiting smoking on its property, except for one little outdoor space.

That’s good news for workers and gamblers who would otherwise have to breath in the secondhand smoke, which is a real health hazard at other casinos as this CDC report found as did this study. In Nevada, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease kills at a higher rate than other states, according to the American Lung Association. That is a medical cost that impacts non-smokers and non-gamblers who end up paying for those treatment costs.

Casinos in Atlantic City, and most other gambling outposts, work hard to make sure lawmakers exempt them from any smoking bans. That’s because casinos appeal to addictive personalities. And the last thing casinos want is for gamblers to take a smoke break outside, tally up their losses, and not come back. So kudos to the Revel for creating a smoke-free environment. Hopefully that smart policy will put pressure on other casinos to do the same thing.