The best case for a casino

July 9, 2013 10:57 am

Gov. Andrew Cuomo and other casino supporters like to hype the benefits from the gambling traps. Critics likewise highlight the social and economic problems that follow casinos, including increased crime, bankruptcy, suicide and divorce. Not to mention, casinos strip wealth from a community and create very little economic spin-off.

But this piece takes a clear-eyed look at whether casinos will transform struggling towns in the Catskills and other parts of New York into economic engines. Here’s the best case: casinos in rural areas lead to a spike in jobs, but few ancillary businesses. Meanwhile, casinos in big cities have no noticeable impact on overall employment. They just switch around the jobs that already exist.

Chad Cotti, an economist at the University of Connecticut, also found that placing casinos in remote areas seemed to increase the number of fatal car crashes. (That’s what has happened near the Indian casinos in Connecticut.) That’s the best Cuomo and other casino supporters can muster? A brief spike in jobs and more deaths from drunk driving. Some legacy. Cuomo and other casino supporters should be proud.

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